Permeation Enhancement Technology (PET)

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How PET Works

PETâ„¢ is a drug delivery technology that works by solubilizing the active ingredient(s) within the polymeric matrices and temporarily modifying the permeability of the skin, thus enabling large molecules to pass between and through the skin cells of the stratum corneum, stratum lucidum, stratum granulosum and ultimately reaching the deeper layers of the skin (stratum spinosum, stratum basale) youtubeen

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Sesha Skin Therapy


The story of SESHA SKIN THERAPY began as a biomedical endeavor over 20 years ago when MIT and Harvard educated scientist, Dr. Dean Hsieh, developed a new way to deliver large density drug molecules into the body through transdermal membranes as an alternative to pills or injections herunterladen.

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Clinical Studies

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Conrex Pharmaceutical clinical studies were performed to test the efficacy of PET™ in developing the SESHA SKIN THERAPY skincare line. These studies show SESHA SKIN THERAPY is based on scientific proof of PET™ effectiveness in delivering pharmaceutical grade nutrients, cutting-edge antioxidants, superior quality botanicals, peptides, and other powerfully active ingredients to the deepest layers of the skin bau simulator 2015 kostenlos downloaden deutsch.

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Scientific Publications

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Conrex Pharmaceutical utilizes scientific books and publications to disseminate research findings and increase understanding of its patented technologies games downloaden gratis.

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