Conrex Pharmaceuticals Corporation, located just outside of Philadelphia, PA., is best known as a pioneer in delivery technologies and as the research lab that discovered and developed Permeation Enhancement Technology™, or PET™ ingessing amazon music library does not work.

PET™ is an effective well-tolerated, transdermal delivery system. PET™ is the FDA (US Food and Administration) approved delivery system incorporated in the marketed, prescription requiring product Testim™ (Auxilium Pharmaceuticals) mp3 gratis downloaden nederlands. PET™ enables the temporary transport of drug molecules and hormones into and through the skin (transdermal) as an alternative to delivery by mouth or injection herunterladen.

It is extremely versatile and compatible with most formulation components permitting use in cosmetics and hair treatments as well as pharmaceuticals herunterladen.

PET™ currently holds two US patents, one for pharmaceutical applications, which is licensed to Bentley Pharmaceutical Corporation (Bentley’s trademarked name for PET™ is CPE-215™), and a second owned by Conrex for hair and skin treatments (Patent No outlook gratisen. 5,731,303).