Diclofenac Acid


 Evaluation of the in vitro percutaneous (skin) permeation of 1% Diclofenac Acid gel prepared with PET™ delivery system. Permeation results are compared to an experimental control (1% Diclofenac Acid containing no PET™) and a commercially available preparation of 1% Diclofenac Acid (Voltaren® Emulgel).


 Percutaneous permeation of diclofenac was followed in the in vitro Franz skin diffusion cells over a 72-hour time period.


 The 4% PET™ containing Diclofenac preparation showed about a 5-fold greater permeation into the in vitro skin than the preparation without PET™.

Chart #1 – Diclofenac Acid Permeation