Dr. Dean Hsieh, founder

Dr. Dean Hsieh is the founder of Conrex Pharmaceuticals Corp. and the developer of PET™. As a biomaterials scientist, Dr. Hsieh received his master’s degree and PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) and continued his post-doctoral work at Harvard University’s medical school. Upon completing his education in New England, Dr. Hsieh taught at Rutgers University in New Jersey as an assistant professor. While on the faculty at Rutgers, Dr. Hsieh reached a pivotal point in his career: he edited a two-volume study, “Controlled Release Systems,” which gave him an overview of the field of alternative drug delivery technology. Through his role in the study, Dr. Hsieh was able to see where the market niches were and founded Conrex in 1985.

Dr. Hsieh dedicated his research at Conrex to the study of permeation enhancement technology in hopes of finding a drug delivery method with the potential to give people access to a wider range of drugs with a higher safety factor than conventional delivery methods.

Recognized as an expert in drug delivery technology, Dr. Hsieh published over 70 scientific articles, is the editor of two books on drug delivery, and was the organizer and moderator of the drug delivery panel at the PharmTech Conference.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Dr. Hsieh passed away in 1995, leaving Conrex under the direction of his wife, Phyllis Hsieh.

Phyllis Hsieh, president

Phyllis Hsieh was born in Taiwan and educated in Taiwan and North Africa. She later moved to Manchester, England to finish her nursing degree and in 1981, she came to the US to practice as an oncology nurse and in 1985 started Conrex Pharmaceutical Corp. as co-founder with Dr Hsieh.

Mrs. Hsieh first became active at Conrex as the office manager and corporate secretary to Dr. Hsieh and his research team. Upon the death of Dr. Hsieh in 1995, Mrs. Hsieh assumed the role of President and CEO of Conrex in an effort to fulfill her late husband’s wishes. Since then, she created a line of skincare products utilizing PET™ and named it SESHA (Se-Shay) in remembrance of Dr. Hsieh. Over the past 10 years, Conrex has grown under Mrs. Hsieh’s insightful leadership and management.