Permeation Enhancement Technology (PET)

How PET Works

PET™ is a drug delivery technology that works by solubilizing the active ingredient(s) within the polymeric matrices and temporarily modifying the permeability of the skin, thus enabling large molecules to pass between and through the skin cells of the stratum corneum, stratum lucidum, stratum granulosum and ultimately reaching the deeper layers of the skin (stratum spinosum, stratum basale) youtubeen

  • Considered GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe), meaning it has a long history of safe use without ill effects and lacks irritation, contact sensitization, and phototoxicity
  • Holds a Drug Master File with the FDA
  • Patented and has patents pending in 15 international countries
  • Clinically proven to help active ingredients penetrate the stratum corneum

Penetration Comparison – Clinical Trial of PET™

Permeation evaluation of two topical preparations, one with Vitamin A palmitate, and the second with Vitamin E acetate spotify app songs herunterladen. Both were combined with SESHA SKIN THERAPY’s PET™ delivery system. Permeation results were compared against placebo creams and were measured using Franz diffusion cells herunterladen.


Two cream preparations, each with and without PET™, applied topically to test subject.


PET™ increased the retention of Vitamin A in the epidermis by 30% and in the dermis by 260%. PET™ demonstrated an increase of Vitamin E in the epidermis by 100% and in the dermis by 350%.

Chart #1 – Vitamin A & E Permeation