timelineConrex was founded by MIT and Harvard educated scientist, Dr pdf filesen. Dean Hsieh, in 1985 as a bio-applications company in an effort to develop improved drug delivery systems. After many years of research, Dr. Hsieh discovered Permeation Enhancement Technology™ (PET™), which enables penetration of large molecules through the skin’s protective outer layers herunterladen.

In 1991, PET™ was granted FDA-approval and was indexed as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe), the highest standard for drug safety. Conrex also received its first US Patent for pharmaceutical uses in 1991 (Patent No songs on mobile phone. 5,023,252), which was later granted to Bentley Pharmaceutical Corporation. Bentley Pharmaceutical Corporation, a US based company with a strong European presence, successfully applied the delivery technology to various drug therapies, including testosterone gel, which was successfully developed and FDA approved as TESTIM® by Auxilium Pharmaceuticals for male hypogonadism in 2002 herunterladen von früheren windows versionen.

In 1994, a US Patent for PET™ uses for improved hair and skin treatments was also filed. This patent was granted in 1998 and is still retained under Conrex neue schriften downloaden kostenlos. Commercializing this delivery technology as “PET™”, or Permeation Enhancement Technology™, Conrex launched its first skin care product under the SESHA SKIN THERAPY brand series stream.

In addition to the USA, Conrex currently holds patents for PET™ in numerous international countries including:

Australia, Brazil (Pending), Canada, PCT European Patent (AT Austria, BE Belgium, CH and LI Switzerland and Liechtenstein, DE Germany, DK Denmark, ES Spain, FI Finland, FR France, GB United Kingdom, GR Greece, IE Ireland, IT Italy, LLU Luxembourg, MC Monaco, NL Netherlands, PT Portugal, SE Sweden (Pending), China, Israel (Pending), Japan (Pending), Republic of Korea, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan herunterladen.